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Gideon Contractors

For over '20 YEARS' Gideon Contractors have been delivering Quality works for our Clients. We have been involved in a huge number of projects, from large National infrastructure projects, Residential and Commercial subdivisions. Right down to the small driveway maintenance jobs.

Gideon Contractors have experienced Staff, quality equipment and the knowledge to deliver your project top completion, on time and on budget.

Our range of works include Civil Construction, Earthworks, Drainage, Installation of services, Road construction, Concrete works. Our Civil projects are predominantly in the Auckland area but we have also completed projects in Northland, Waikato, BOP, and Coromandel areas.

We specialise in Stabilisation of Soils and Pavements, with an extensive range of Tracked and Wheeled Stabilisers and Spreader Units.

We consider ourselves a market leader in Stabilisation and have been involved in many significant projects across the North Island, including currently working on the Penlink connection project.

Focus on efficiency, sustainability, and environmental stewardship
Meticulous planning, precision engineering, and attention to detail
Specialisation in large-scale infrastructure and urban developments
Unwavering commitment to excellence and exceptional quality
Successfully completed diverse portfolio of projects
Passion for creating enduring legacies and shaping communities
Embrace of emerging technologies and methodologies
Cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices
Effective project management and seamless coordination
Commitment to safety at every stage
Expertise in all aspects of civil construction

With our experienced team of employees, modern fleet and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Gideon Contractors are ready to take on your next project big or small.