Civil Construction

Gideon Contractors have been creating quality environments for over 20 years. Our Civil construction skills are proven and extensive. A mainstay of this work has been our work in the greenfield Residential & Commercial Subdivisions space. From breaking ground , to the final landscaping touches, Gideon are experienced in all aspects of a subdivision.

Earthworks, Our Excavator and Compaction equipment can shape the project, On board GPS equipment means our operators have real time information as they move the dirt. Our relationships in the industry means we can pull in Motor Scrapers , Off road trucks and dumpers to complement the project as needed,

Drainage, We are experienced in installing Stormwater and Wastewater Systems.

Services, Our crews have installed many power, communication and water supply assets.

Concrete works, We can prepare and pour all types of Concrete.

Roading, Our grader and compaction fleet enable us to construct all types of pavement design.

We have also been involved in a number of "brownfield" sites where working around existing assets and other challenges require a flexible and nimble approach. We have an extensive range of plant to be able to deliver this work, Our plant list includes Graders, Smooth drum rollers of different configurations, Padfoot rollers, Watercarts, 20 T, 13 T and 6 T excavators, and tractors. Tip Trucks and Trailers.